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Среда, 24.04.2019


    June 26 – 27

- demonstrative surgery, technocollege, workshops

    June 28

- the scool for the thoracic surgeon together with ESTS in the format of «World cup of thoracic surgery between Russan and foreign experts»

    June 29 – 30

- mail scientific pprogram (symposia, lectures, presentations)




    • Surgical treatment of early stage lung cancer: choice of the surgical approach, volume of surgery, adjuvant therapy
    • Solitary pulmonary nodule: diagnostic and treatment policy
    • Volume and expediency of a lymphnode dissection for the lung cancer.
    • Broncho- and angioplasty resections as a parenchyma sparing procedure for lung cancer.
    • Alternative technologies of impact on thoracic tumors: photo dynamic therapy, radio-frequency ablation, "cyber knife", chemoperfusion,
    • Surgery for the intrathoracic metastases: to whom, when and how.
    • Diagnosis and treatment of the thymic tumors
    • Surgical treatment of the autoimmune myasthenia.
    • Comprehensive approach to diagnostics and treatment of pleural effusions
    • Surgery for the pulmonary emphysema: from large bullas to diffuse emphysema.
    • Role of surgery in the treatment of the complicated pulmonary tuberculosis.
    • New technologies of surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
    • Treatment of an acute and chronic pleural empyema.
    • Reconstruction of the esophagus after its extirpation.
    • Surgical treatment of the esophageal achalasia.

                                • Complication in the thoracic surgery.
                                • Hot topics in the treatment of postoperative broncho-pleural fistula.
                                • Surgery of chronic pulmonary supurative diseases and congenital pulmonary defects.
                                • Replacement of extensive thoracic defects after the chest resection.
                                • Sternomediastinitis in the practice of general thoracic surgeon Non-standard cases in cardiothoracic surgery.
                                • Thoracoscopic major pulmonary resection: how the technology found its place.
                                • Pediatric thoracic surgery.
                                • Simulators when training to minimal invasive technologies in thoracic surgery.
                                • Robot-assisted thoracic surgery Innovations in bioprosthesis of heart valves.
                                • Surgery of thoracic aorta: change the paradigm in reconstructions.
                                • Surgical outcomes and perspective of surgical treatment chronic pulmonary embolism.
                                • Cardiac surgery in patients with comorbidity.
                                • Modern trends in left ventricle replacement technology
                                • ECMO
                                • Hybrid approach in cardiothoracic surgery
                                • Transplant coordinators: development perspective for heart and lung transplantation
                                • Complication after cardiac surgery
                                • Stent-grafts of thoracic aorta: is technology found its place?